There are many types of bacteria found in organic waste. They utilize their environment in different manners for energy and building materials, needed for growth and reproduction. Most of these bacteria can be either anaerobic (no oxygen) or aerobic (with oxygen) and are called facultative.

In the presence of sufficient oxygen, these bacteria will be aerobic. In the aerobic form no sulfides are generated and no odors are present. The corrosion associated with hydrogen sulfide is eliminated. Unfortunately oxygen must continually be added to maintain this condition.

Less than 9 parts per million of oxygen can be dissolved in water, thus air must be continually bubbled through the waste or the bacteria will quickly become anaerobic. In the anaerobic form bacteria generate sulfides. These sulfide compounds cause most of the bad odors associated with organic waste.

IBT 2 provides a practical and economical alternative by supplying oxygen in a chemical form rather than mechanically. This allows the facultative bacteria to become and remain aerobic. This effectively eliminates sulfide production and actually prevents odors from existing. This treats the cause instead of the symptom and is far superior to simply trying to mask or absorb the odors.

IBT 2 has the added advantage of preventing odors for extended periods of time. There is virtually unlimited oxygen made available by utilizing IBT 2. One treatment can keep the bacteria aerobic for days, weeks, or longer.

Aerobic bacteria are more active and efficient than anaerobic bacteria. IBT 2 effects aerobic bacteria in ways no other compounds do. The IBT 2 treated bacteria will consume up to 400% more organic solids, the population will increase and be healthier and faster, without the production of odors.

IBT 2 is not, nor does it contain enzymes. It is not a biocide and does not contain formaldehyde or chlorine.

IBT 2 is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous product. It is a cost effective, convenient and efficient method to eliminate odors and reduce solids.